Modern Social Intelligence

We all admit that our social skills are in a continuous need to be improved and developed. These skills are what we call “social intelligence”. In the beginning, you should be able to connect with separate individuals or full group, so you become in a continuous state of mental communication with others.

The human brain is the most complex and powerful organ at the same time. Dealing with your own mind means you are a smart person, but dealing successfully with a large number of minds at the same time is definitely a sign of genius.

The socially intelligent individual should use all his mental and physical energy to communicate with others and read their thoughts. He should acquire the skills needed to be able to encourage others to develop, communicate and cooperate. Also he should learn how to make friends and keep them.

Social intelligence also includes the ability to overcome the fast river of problems including mistakes, negotiations and results. All these skills require that the individual is a good speaker and an excellent listener, as well as communicating positively with the outer world. The people with social intelligence seem to be more comfortable with different races, classes and ages. Moreover, they have the ability to make others feel relieved and secured.


1- Fast conversations

2-Reading others’ emotions

3-Good listening

4-Attracting others’ attention

5-Decent disposition in critical situations

6-Friendly relations

7-Positive attitudes

There are some problems that people face because of lack in some of the past points, or in other words weakness in their intelligence. In light of the huge complications in social relations and difficult life troubles, we should understand the complexity of this amazing type of intelligence and the worth of its proficiency, as the attainment won’t be only in your social life, but also will affect your financial level and your physical health.

Finally, classifying people into social and unsocial is not right nowadays. The way life has become is forcing people to become more and more social. A long time ago, people used to live separately in tribes and they didn’t know almost anything about humans in other parts of the world. In the last century, man even tried to discover life in another planets. The idea that we live alone in all this universe isn’t rational to many people. Even if other “aliens” are dangerous. the motive of exploration is strong enough for some people to find other lives. We should make billions of friend as long as we are still alive.